Dedicated Resources

Today’s businesses need to manage costs while meeting a myriad of demands. IBM Hardware offer the performance applications need, the flexibility the market demands, and the availability customers expect—all at an affordable cost. IBM systems feature exclusive X-Architecture innovations that deliver unparalleled capability, while continuing to leveraging open, standards-based components for affordability, flexibility and choice.

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  • Description
  • Value
  • CPU
  • Intel Xeon CPUs
  • 2 x Quad Core
  • Memory
  • DDR3 Registered ECC
  • 32 GB
  • Storage
  • Raid-1
  • 500GB
  • Backup
  • Off-site
  • Up to 500GB
  • IP Addresses
  • Additional IPv4
  • Up to 8
  • Bandwidth Tier
  • Tier 1 Connectivity
  • Up to 100TB/m

Dedicated features

Whether you represent a Fortune 100 corporation or a small business, we have flexible solutions for everyone with our public and private cloud services. Our public cloud sets the performance bar very high, complimentary to our blazing fast SSD storage and 10Gig network design. Our SSD storage is fully redundant and load balanced to provide you with the highest IOP’s for your applications. It is with this infrastructure that we are able to provide our clients with high performing virtual machines. Our goal is to show the true benefit of using our services over traditional dedicated servers.

24/7/365 Support

Rest assure that you can contact us at any time with any questions, or problems, you may be having. We work around the clock so you don't have to. Our support department is always available to assist you with your questions.

Faster Disks

We only use SSD storage by default. This design ensure that our cloud can keep up with the most I/O instensive applications. We do not want to be a bottleneck for your applications. With our cloud infrastructure you can expect nothing but the best.

No Contracts

We believe that in order for a company to truly take advantage of cloud services, there should be no lengthy contracts. We designed our infrastructure to be extremely elastic and flexible for our clients. It isn’t possible for us to offer a true elastic service if we lock you into term commitments.

Full UTM Firewall

Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) security platform FortiGate provides you with the ability to protect our network with the fastest firewall technology on the market. You also have the freedom to deploy the wide range of security technologies available, to fit your dynamic network environment.

Full Server Control

From our control panel, our clients can manage their virtual datacenter with a click of a button. From your panel you can reinstall system, restart, shutdown, add/remove capacity, view resource graphs, and much more. We give our clients absolute control over their virtual datacenter.

Sign up & be Online in Minutes

With our automated infrastructure, as soon as you order you can begin to orchestrate your server resources. Provision servers immediately, setup OS and every other aspect of managing resources immediately. Our automated system allows our customers to expand rapidly, not days/weeks/months as typically needed with other physical servers.