3SAMNET Features

Here at 3SAMNET, we spare no expensive providing state-of-the-art infrastructure to our clients. We have many features to make our services exceptional above all other cloud providers.

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Our standard storage offering is based on high performing SSD SAN's. Here at 3SAMNET, you can expect nothing less than high IOPs for your applications. We utilize multiple SAN's to ensure high availability for our cloud servers.

Auto Scaling Resources

Set parameters in your control panel to add resources during high-peak utilization times on your cloud servers. If your server reaches a certain threshold, you can configure additional resources (CPU, RAM, DISK) to be added for a period of time until everything settles.

Scale Resources on Demand

Once you are ready to move beta testing into production, simply add additional resources to your cloud server from the control panel. Scale from 512MB of memory server, to 128GB+ of memory with a click of a button.

Create a Virtual Datacenter

With a couple clicks of a button, you can provision an entire virtual datacenter to support all of your infrastructure. Provision a virtual datacenter full of Windows, and Linux servers in seconds. Need load balancers for your servers? No problem, create load balancers to distribute the load of your machines.

Self Healing

All cloud servers are sitting on top of our fully redundant infrastructure. Our infrastructure is capable of losing entire SANs and still remain operational. Or, in the event the node you are goes offline, your cloud server is automatically provisioned on a new working node.

Control Everything

We give our clients ultimate control over their cloud resources. You can buy/remove/edit your resources 24/7 from the client area. Customize the workflow of your IT resources to suit your needs and requirements. From our control panel you can perform common tasks such as reinstalls, reboots, load balancers, autoscaling, and hundreds of more tasks to make your life easier.