Our services are located in state-of-the-art facilities that provide the highest security and power reliability. Below is the list of facilities we have our cloud services installed in. We offer cross-connects in the same facilities for clients who would like to implement a hybrid approach to cloud services. We also provide managed colocation with on-site technicians 24/7. If we are no in a facility near you, contact sales@3samnet.net to have us install, and manage, a private cloud in your own facility.

Features Operating Systems Locations

Atarot/Jerusalem, IL

Our cloud services are in the brand new 1,000 square foot facility here in (Atarot Industrial Park) Jerusalem. This datacenter is the largest of its kind in Jerusalem. It is compliant with such standards as SSAE 16 (SOC l Type ll), PCI DSS, HIPAA, TIA 942 Class 4 (Tier 4), and LEED Silver*. This facility is perfect for corporations looking to expand in a mission critical facility. We provide full manage solutions in this facility with on-site technicians. | SPEED TEST |

More coming soon...

We are actively planning new locations for our cloud services to serve our clients. We will be expanding to the east coast of the United States, and within Europe with our Public Cloud services.